Area HomeCareIn 1971, the Portsmouth community leaders knew there was a crucial need for the elderly and disabled adult who may be alone and isolated from family, friends and society. In the Fall of that year, fifty concerned citizens held a meeting at the North Church on Spinney Road in Portsmouth to address this growing need and determined homemaker services could become an integral part of a person’s quality of life. Area Homemaker & Home Health Aide Services was born. In June 1972, Area¬†Homemaker Home Health Aide Services, Inc. opened its doors with Elizabeth “Lee” Ballard, who attended that first organizational meeting, serving as the Agency’s executive director for the next seventeen years. With the operations in full swing, the ACH started Adult In-Home Care Program in 1987, which is still in effect today. In 1998, the Agency changed its name to Area HomeCare & Family Services, Inc. along with a dedication of The Ballard Building, in honor of Lee Ballard.

The year 2000 brought another program to AHC called “Project CoolAir,” where funds are raised to purchase medically necessary air conditioners for the elderly and disabled that are unable to afford such a purchase. ¬†

We are proud to have helped people stay in their homes since 1972