Project CoolAir

Area Homecare projectcoolairSummer heat greatly affects thousands of elderly and chronically ill. Sadly, in extreme measures, this medically fragile population suffers from a variety of heat-related illnesses, occasionally resulting in heat-related deaths.  People with respiratory or other breathing difficulties have an especially difficult time during periods of summer heat and many experience a reduced quality of life during this time.  Often, those in need of air conditioning “do without” because they do not have the funds or know where to seek assistance.

In the year 2000, AHC created the Project CoolAir program.  We team with local housing authorities, organizations, and merchants to raise funds for the purchase of air conditioners and provide them to this group of residents.  In the past three years, Project CoolAir has purchased hundreds of air conditioners to address this serious health issue and improve the quality of life for many.

Qualification is based on income, medical condition, and the absence of air conditioning.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program.