In-Home Care Services

Our goal is to help elderly and adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses remain in their homes for as long as possible, by providing assistance with activities of daily living and home care tasks. We also provide companionship and a sense of social activity during our visits. The following is a list which includes, but is not limited to, the tasks available through an In-Home Care Provider.

The In-Home Care Provider is able to:

– Provide respite care for primary caregivers of clients

– Plan menus and prepare meals

– Provide documented errand service and shoppingArea Homecare inhome program

– Assist with budgeting and balancing checkbooks

– Cash checks, pay bills, with accurate recording of the transactions

– Dust, vacuum, make beds and change linens as needed

– Wash kitchen and bathroom floors with sponge mop (No waxing)

Up to three loads of laundry

– Look for, and be aware of health status of our client

– Provide companionship and emotional support for the client

The In-Home Care Provider is unable to:

Assist with bathing or any other personal care items

– Conduct heavy cleaning or heavy laundry

– Wash windows or walls

– Scrub or wax floors

Move heavy furniture or provide maintenance tasks

– Provide any transportation

– Receive phone calls at home from the client

Make any personal financial arrangements with clients

Work for any client, at any time, unless approved by the Executive Director